FINEX ’16 was the fifth in a series of biennial conferences bringing together financiers and explorers in a series of presentations by professionals from banks, boutique finance houses, stockbrokers and investor relations. From the mining sector both major and junior companies are represented.

FINEX ’16 analysed options for financing in the current market and illustrated successful exploration and development programmes. Videos of the talks are available through the Programme page of this website – just click on the title of any talk.

FINEX ’16 was a non-profoit event supported by sponsors and organised by members of MinSouth (a local society of IOM3), the Applied Earth Science Division IOM3,  the Mineral Deposits Study Group of the Geological Society, and the Association of Mining Analysts.

FINEX ’16 was held at Burlington House, the home of the world’s oldest geological society, and a particularly apposite venue for FINEX. Close to the City’s famous “square mile” this historic building also holds the world’s first geological map that set the tradition for geological mapping and exploration. Please take a moment to appreciate William Smith’s masterpiece.

Dr Ed Sides, former technican director of AMEC Foster Wheeler, held an introductory workshop on 26 October on the principles underlying the reporting codes and standards based on the CRIRSCO international template.  This course and FINEX ’16 both counted towards your CPD returns.

FINEX ’18 will be held in October 2018.