A Successful Career

Finding employment in the mining and exploration industry with the depressed metal prices of 2016 is no mean feat. I was lucky enough to be given a break upon graduating in 2009 and the presentation will discuss my route through the industry from a graduate exploration geologist exploring the virgin territory of the Afar Depression in Ethiopia for gold to working on 2012’s largest Cu-resource definition programme in Zambia. The experiences gained assisted my successful application for Chartership (CGeol) with the Geological Society of London in 2015, a process which will also be outlined in the talk. To inspire the next generation of successful explorers, I will discuss ground-breaking technologies which are currently being developed by the industry, Rio Tinto in particular, and which will hopefully one day lead to the next big discovery.

View a video of the talk or download the presentation as a PDF:

  • 28th October 2016
  • 15:30