Graham Brown

Co-founder and director of Mineral Prospektering i Sverige AB

Graham Brown was educated in Glasgow earning his BSc. in 1980. He received his MSc. from JCU, Australia in 1984. He has been a Fellow of the SEG since 1999 and participated in both the Colombia and Duke Business Leaders Programs in 2004 and 2007. In 2011 he was the co-recipient of the PDAC Thayer Lindsley Award and from 2013 attained both Chartered Geologist and European Geologist professional status.

Graham has 35 years’ experience in the mining and exploration business employed as an independent consultant, chief geologist, senior executive and global leader of a highly successful award winning discovery team. He has lived and worked on 4 continents, completed more than 100 technical assignments, covering a range of commodities in over 25 countries. He is a past SEG councillor and BGS industry representative and current NHM honorary research fellow.

Industry awards, recognition and world-class exploration discoveries credited to his Anglo American team during the last decade include; Los Sulfatos (PDAC), Sakatti (FEM) and ranked the most successful major base metals explorer (MEG).