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Sarah Gordon

Sarah Gordon

CEO of Satarla

Dr Sarah Gordon – CEO and co-founder Satarla
Having completed her PhD at Imperial College, Sarah went to work as a Geologist for Anglo
American.  She was lucky enough to live and work all over the world in a variety of functions from
exploration through to sustainability, risk management and assurance.  This grounding allowed her
to explore different risk management techniques and uses, applying them to real situations. 

Sarah co-founded Satarla in 2014. Now with 90 Associates based globally and offices in London,
Sydney, Johannesburg and Toronto, Satarla provides risk management consultancy, training and
research to organisations from sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, charities, finance, together
with petrochemicals, energy, oil & gas, and mining. Specialising in making risk management
practical and accessible to all those that use it, Sarah most enjoys projects through which a
company’s culture can be evolved to meet its values and purpose. In recent years, this has focused
on integrated risk management with a focus on Environmental, Social and Governance threats and

In 2020, Sarah co-founded the not-for-profit Responsible Raw Materials. With the mission to create
integration across raw materials value and supply chains, Responsible Raw Materials runs a series of
events and research projects through which those with an interest in minerals and metals vital to
the green industrial revolution can learn from one another and identify opportunities for
Sarah is an honorary lecturer at Imperial College London and Research Associate at the University of
Johannesburg. Voted as one of the top 10 most inspirational women in mining in 2016, she is also a
trustee of Geology for Global Development.