The FINEX ’18 organising committee is listed below. We are all professional miners and geologists registered with international organisations. The committee and speakers give their time freely to FINEX ’18 to enable registration fees to be set at a level for all to attend.

  • Julian Aldridge, Wood plc
  • Claire Bay, Oriole Resources PLC
  • Mark Campodonic, SRK
  • Liv Carroll, Accenture
  • Dr Simon Dominy, Exchange Minerals/Camborne School of Mines
  • Michael Forrest, Mining Research, Treasurer
  • Geoff Hammond, MinSouth committee member
  • Steve Henley, Resources Computing
  • Chloe Lam, Dalradian Gold
  • Stuart MacGowan, Gerald Group
  • Emma Parker, Consolidated Minerals
  • Mark Parker, Equator Gold, IGS
  • Nick O’Reilly, AMA
  • Dan Smith, University of Leicester

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